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Creta Spring Astral Nature


Creta Spring mattress' double dock system offset gives the mattress resistance and exceptionality in relation to systems of conventional Springs comfort. Cotton, wool, Sojablock and corn Terlenka give freshness and breathability, the treatment Argentum hygiene and natural air conditioning well-being.

Cotoon 100%

 100% Wool

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    The deadlines of delivery and installation for Astral Nature in Spain except the islands include approximately 7 to 21 days from the date of purchase.


    Astral Nature with Spring Creta offers a team of perfect relaxation for those who demand the best in relaxation, comfort and durability of the equipment. 

    Natural materials that are part of this team of rest are exceptional: cotton, wool, the Sojablock and the corn Terlenka are combined in multiple layers with a meticulous manufacturing process that emphasizes qualities very valuable for a team of rest such as warmth, freshness, the body adaptation and breathability. Crete Spring also has the system of double spring double off set, which gives the mattress of 25% more spring against other conventional mattresses.

    There are other elements that add value to the Crete Spring rest equipment: clamping handles allow to flip the mattress when change of season, natural air conditioning system brings feeling of well-being to the body, the side valves guarantees the ventilation of the core. and treatment Argentum antibacterial and antimicrobial guarantee their hygiene and durability. 

    Astral Nature, with the Spring Creta, manages to offer a modern, simple and innovative solution for a wide range of users.


    Breathes well, cool and soft. Its malleability makes it a guaranteed source of comfort.

     100% Wool

    Soft, elastic, flexible and malleable. Offers excellent thermal insulation and great moisture absorption.

     Maize Terlenka

    Biodegradable, insulating, light and breathable, with anti-bacterial properties and great malleability and adaptation to the body.


    Breathable and with a great natural capacity for recovery and adaptation to the body.

     Natural Temparture control

    Natural Temperature Control mattress and topper Nerva.

     Double Offset Spring Block

    The Matress with Double Offset spring blocks have 25% more springs than conventional mattresses

     Side Ventilation Valves

    Nerva mattresses´ side ventilation valves airing perfectly from the inner core. 

     Fixing Handles

    The fixing handles permit the change of mattress in different seasons and it makes them eaiser to turn and carry.

    Certified Sanitiged 

    All the upholstery of the ASTRAL NATURE mattresses are equipped with special treatments that guarantee their hygiene and durability. In addition are certified by the organic seal and health Oeko-Tek Standard 100.

    ISO Certified Quality Management 9001:2000

    Astral Nature is a company in Spain, that offers the certificate ISO 9001:2000 brand AENOR of Systems of Management of Quality Medium Environmental  Company Registered UNE-IN ISO 9001.

     Matrress Height From Centre 25CM +- 1CM

    In Decoasencio we offer at your disposal the possibility of testing our rest equipment Astral Nature by making an appointment without any obligation of purchase. There will be offered an optimal environment for relaxation, comfort and total privacy, so that our rest equipment test is most successful prior to making your purchase decision.



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