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Mattress Auriga Adhara


Articulated mattress Adhara meets high-performance, craftsmanship and high quality materials: silk, wool camel, cashmere, 100% viscose, linen, cotton and soybean block combined with excellent finishes.

Ventilation valves, handles for shackling, upholstered damascus and blocks of pocket springs are perfectly integrated.

seda Natural Silk


Lana de CamelloCamel´s Wool


100% Cotton

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    The Deadlines of Delivery and Installation for the FIRMA AURIGA for reasons that the manufacturing process is completely hand made, comprises between 21 to 35 days approximately for Spain Peninsula. For Islands or elsewhere in Europe, please consult us in this regard.

    AURIGA, Nature and Craftsmanship come together in the selection of an unique, exclusive rest equipment.

    Mattress Adhara belongs to the minor family AURIGA segment, but its performance and qualities of manufacturing are amazing.

    The benefits are among others, natural material of high quality; natural silk and wool of camel as insulating and thermoregulators; As absorbent of moisture viscose natural fiber 100% Cashmere and linen fresh resistant; cotton as abreathable and soft material; soy as an element of recovery and adaptation for body.

    To these products natural to add is an excellent quality of production and an exceptional manufacturing craft based on the traditional philosophy of ancient teachers "colchoneros", to which Auriga keeps faithful.

    The smart solutions of design and manufacturing, valves side of ventilation and the natural air conditioning, combined elegantly with details so practical as them handles side of clamping, the exclusive upholstered Damascus and the combination of a set of springs Pocket individually, what gives Adhara a capacity of independent and adaptive response to body requirements.

    Adhara Rest equipment is articulated, with which all articulated bed will have this functionality without sacrificing comfort, rafinament and exclusivity. The tradition of excellent charioteer rest equipment manufacturing requires, and with the charioteer Adhara complies with its obligation to redefine the concept of traditional rest.

      Natural Silk

    Silk is a material that is outstanding for its softness and elasticity, with an excellent damp retention capacity.
    It is dermatologically tested, so its use is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.
    Silk is also an excellent thermoregulator, which is why its role in controlling the temperature of AURIGA rest systems is decisive.


    Thanks to its large capacity to absorb water, linen is a very fresh vegetable fibre. It is a material that displays great consistency, which allows it to offer excellent support. However, linen is also outstanding for its flexibility and mouldability, which are essential for optimum comfort. The surface of the fibre is very smooth, making it very soft to the touch. Linen offers high resistance to traction, even more so than other natural fibres like cotton. Linen fibre does not gather static electricity, so favouring more intense and relaxed rest.

      Camel´s Wool

    Camel's wool is a fine, soft fibre found underneath the camel’s longer and coarser outer hair. It is a lighter and warmer material than sheep’s wool that naturally regulates the temperature, even when there are great contrasts in heat. It offers excellent absorption of dampness and extraordinary insulation. Thanks to its elasticity and resistance, camel's wool deforms less than fabrics made with other materials, making it the ideal choice in the internal design of rest systems.


    Cashmere Wool has been produced in Asia more than 3000 years ago and is the wool more scarce, extraordinary and bizarre in the world; Proceeded of the goat of Cashmere, whose scientific name  is capra hircus laniger and that is native of the North of India, one of few regions where the Cashmere real can be collected is defined by conditions so particular of its habitat:long and cold winters, weather adverse conditions  and temperatures up to -40 degrees

      100% Cotton

    It is a vegetable fibre with a large capacity to absorb and release dampness, making it an ideal fresh fibre for the summer or places with very high environmental temperatures.

    It is a very breathable material, which prevents the proliferation of mites and bacteria. The softness of the fibre makes it very pleasant to the touch. Cotton is also a material that is outstanding for its firmness, which explains its durability and its proven resistance even after constant use.

    Its excellent mouldability makes it a guaranteed source of comfort.

     100% Wool

    Soft, elastic, flexible and malleable. Offers excellent thermal insulation and great moisture absorption.

     100% Viscose

    Soft, light, cool, breathable and very absorbent. A vegetable fibre ideal for hot, humid climates.


    Soya is a species of legume family that has multiple applications.

    Soya oil is a natural product which has not undergone transgenic modifications and is neither toxic nor irritant and is present in the rest of Auriga products into a component as Sojablock.

    It also has fungicides and bactericides properties and breathability, which allows air to circulate inside the mattress. These attractive properties are added to the positive effect it has on the skin and the thermoregulatory effect, which provides coolness in summer and warmth in winter.

    Another positive effect is to provide more and better elasticity and allow the vertebral column and joints from a minimum stress, which enabling to these body parts to acquire a more natural position.

     Natural Temperature Control

    Natural Temperature Control mattress Auriga Almaaz.

     Pocketed Spring Miniblock

    Pocket spring cores have been an evolution in rest and relaxation, highlighting the versatility, quality and strength they bring to the mattress.

    These springs are formed by separate springs Miniblock system that are collected in small compartments fabric, which gradually adapt to the pressure exerted on them individually, achieving independence of pressure without sinking the other springs. This causes the spring acting alone in the contact area with the body and increase the autonomy of relaxation areas

    The pocket springs, due to not being intertwined with one another, significantly improve comfort as they reduce the friction between them.

    Another positive effect of this design is that the mattress does not lose breathability, increasing hygiene of the mattress to allow air flow in an easily way.

    The pocket springs will provide the comfort and the adaptability that you need.

     Rest Zones

    The core of Auriga mattresses is formed by a network of customised springs ensuring that each element responds independetly when the body exerts pressure on it.

     Fixing Handles

    The matrress also have eight side handles to make them eaiser to turn and carry.

     Side Ventilation Valves

    Auriga mattresses´ side ventilation valves airing of the inner core ensure perfect. 

    Breathable system 

    Careful craftsmanship, aeration of the inner core with a ventilation system, by its manufacturing system and all the natural elements that compose it to achieve an exceptional and maximum breathability. 

     Matrress Height From Centre 24CM +- 1CM

    In Decoasencio we offer at your disposal the possibility of testing our rest equipment AURIGA by making an appointment without any obligation of purchase. There will be offered an optimal environment for relaxation, comfort and total privacy, so that our rest equipment test is most successful prior to making your purchase decision.



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