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Sofa Thunder Grassoler

Sofa Grassoler Thunder


Sofa natural leather Thunder Grassoler, design by Josep Gras. Metallic frame, knock down structure "Intelligent System" comfort to be choosen: soft, middle or fim. Double seat inclination: you can choose 2 options, horizontal or inclined. Seat in 100% down feather with interior in double "Viscoeslastic", back in polyether, kidney cushions in down feather/fiber. Completely removable covers.

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    Grassoler, founded as a family business in 1960, has accumulated prestigious references in the sector of decoration in a career of more than 50 years. Backed by more than 20 awards, prizes and honorable mentions international design and quality, Grassoler has received important recognitions as the Delta de Plata award in 1979, the LAUS trophy of silver from 1990 and 1995 Top Ten European Prize. Its commercial success, appreciation and the loyalty of its customers is the result of demanding design and putting them at the service of comfort and high quality of manufacture. This innovation, purged by the use of high-quality designs make Grassoler sofas real classical pieces that retain the quality and its validity in time.

    The Guarantee

    The metallic structures of our sofas ensure their solidity and durability, and we offer a 25 year guarantee on the metalicl structures (we are the only manufacturer in Spain to do this). Experience tells us, that there are many happy users of Grassoler sofas since 1960.

    Certificate of Quality Aidima

    In Grassoler we manufacturing the interiors of the sofas in steel from the year 1964, in which we developed and patented our exclusive intelligent system. Its main characteristic is that the steel by itself makes our sofas indeformable before climatic changes in humidity or heating and resistant to the passage of the years. In addition we offer an anti-corrosion finish by painting the epoxy.


    From the beginnings of the 60's, Grassoler began to manufacture metal frames.The extraordinary qualities of structural steel provides a very high resistance, hardness, durability and excellent behaviour to environmental variations. The laminated steel extends the life of the sofa and gives great ability to absorb blows and impacts.

    Another point of great importance refers the respect and awareness of Grassoler toward the Environment. Steel can be recycled ones its initial use comes to an end.

     The Suspension System a la Carta

    The double suspension Intelligent System® is a system which Grassoler has developed and patented. It provides the sitting for many options, you can personalize and adapt the several levels of comfort that our sofas give to your own wish. There are three different options: soft (for people who like to sit around) medium, (for people who like less softness and more support,) and firm (for people who like to sit more tight, in order to stand up from the sofa more easily).

     The Sewing

    We use only 100% cotton thread for all sewn parts of the sofas, as a natural material it does not dry out. All seams are "overcast", in order to avoid unravelling of the edges of the fabric. Sometimes we use a double seam to give extra strength and avoid any bursting of the seams.

     Accessibility For Cleaning

    Each seat cushion lies on a thin matress of 75kg/m3 foam, which is very dense and holds its shape very well. The seat cushions and the foam layer can be easily removed which allows quick access to the floor underneath the sofa for vacuum cleaning. This feature means that all inner parts of the sofa can be accessed easily and crumbs or other debris do not gather as a result. In addition, the body of the sofa does not have to be moved to vacuum clean underneath it.

     The Cushions

    We use only high resistance foams of densities between 30 to 75 kg/m3 (non-contaminant and CFC free). This offer the best quality and durability and hold their shape for much longer than foams of lower densities, thereby adding to the long term comfort of the item. The antiallergic hollow fiber which we also use resists clumping and increases the overall softness for the sitting. An interior cushion cover is used in all cushions and it maintains an even distribution of the cushion filling, whilst also reducing the risks of allergic reactions and irritation.  They incorporate the wrinkle controler®, which offers the possibility of choosing between an informal look or a stretched look on the seat cushion cover.

     MMS System

    Seat inclination 8 cm Discover all the possibilities of the  MMS System® collection designed to fulfill your personal requirements. Plan the perfect  sofa for you. You can easily change de seat inclinaton of every individual seat, only by raising the seat cushion and changing the inclination of the spring system.

     Extra cushion to raise the back cushion 8 cm

    This hidden extra cushion allows you to raise the back cushion 8 cm, so that the height of the back cushion increases. If you combine the hidden cushion with the inclined position of the seat cushion, then you win 16 cm at the back.

     Surprise System

    The MMS Surprise System® collection allows you to assemble and disassemble arms and feet through the zippers that you find in the structure, without any tools, only by means of a plastic knob, your hand and 4 steps that we describe. Moreover, through the surprise system, you can hide loose cushions or the head rest if you do not wish to use them.

    How to assemble the feet and the arms

    Put the back of the sofa on the floor, after protecting it with a blanket. Adjust the feet into one of the holes and screw the plastic knob from the inside through the surprise system (zipper) until they are fixed.

    Unscrew with your hand the 3 plastic knobs that you find on the arm. The first one is in the middle of the arm. You reach the second one through the zipper on the back of the sofa. And finally, you find the third one inside the front part of the sofa. After that, you can disassemble the arm.

    Put the back of the sofa on the floor. Unscrew the plastic knob that you can find behind the zipper on the front of the sofa. Pull out the feet softly. If you want to assemble the feet, follow the steps the other way around.

    When finalizing your order, our team of interiorists will facilitate a design sketch simulating your chosen position in your room with measurements and details.


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    Johnson family

    Jan 16, 2017
    Happy with the sofa thanks!
    Hi we bought this sofa with decoasencio in January, after one recommendation from friends in Malaga. The sofa is made of natural leather, the design is really fancy and comfortable to chill in front of TV evenings. We recommend the company and their online easy selling process. Plus the personnel speaks different languages, that really helps.

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