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Sofa Sancal Air

Sancal Air


Sofa AIR of SANCAL stands out for versatility, care for details and response to your needs without giving up a clean and environmentally friendly design. 
One can change the height, width and depth of the sofa arms and the provisions of parts that configure the collection. There are two levels of support among 81 and 88 cm and sofa legs can be hidden.

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SANCAL emerged in the year 1973 as a project oriented to design, manufacture and marketing of furniture for contemporary households. After more than 40 years of effort, perseverance and commitment, SANCAL has merged from initially a family project to now a company of international reference with its own style and in constant evolution, that enjoys a successful track record endorsed by numerous national and international awards or assignments of furniture to museums and large cinema productions.

SANCAL products are a mix of handcrafted successful technical and technological capacity: its furniture exceeds stringent quality standards UNE, UNE in ISO 14001 certification of environmental management and the best designers contribute with their talent and effort to give a touch of freshness and simplicity. The results are a functional furniture with a unique and resistant design that converge history, experience, innovation, design and passion.

The AIR stands out for being versatile and taking care of the details; you can change the height, width and depth of the arms of the sofa, the provisions of the plug-ins of tables upholstered, poufs and cushions of the parts that make up the collection can be configured, the choice of the height of the seatbacks can be changed between 81 cm or 88 cm and the concealment of the legs gives a feeling of lightness and effect to be floating in the air. These are some of the possibilities that allow the AIR power adjust to our needs, without renouncing a clean and respectful design with the objects that give character to our lounge.

Technical features Sofa AIR 
Designer: Rafa Garcia 

Rafa Garcia is part of the creative heart of Sancal. Author of classical pieces for the brand as Air, Eleva, Happen and Rock; Retrieves items with a certain retro flair and proposes that we play with the shapes and textures. 


Register to our service of interior designers to receive precise information on your  customized modells.



- Wooden structure covered with a 13 mm CMHR 30kg foam and 100gr fibre hell
- Seat area fitted with 80mm NEA elastic webbing and 50 mm CMHR 40kg foam
- Back area fitted with CMHR 30kg and CMHR 40kg foam
- Seat cushion fitted with CMHR 45kg and CMHR 30kg foam covered with H150g fibre and enclosed in a fabric cover
- Back cushion available on a choice of two heights.

- Interiors : silicon fibre enclosed in compartments.

- Black stained beech feet


– Table top with synthetic leather finish

– Particle board structure covered in CMHR 30kg foam

– 6mm transparent glass

– Black stained beech feet


- Removable cushion cover, fixed base

- The remaining technical specifications are the same as those for the fabric version of the product.


SANCAL guarantees its products within 2 years and the internal structures of their sofas and modules up to 10 years from the date of purchase in the invoice. These guarantees are only valid when the product is used in those activities for which it was designed. The warranty is revoked automatically in the event of improper use of the product or due to manipulation of the components.


SANCAL rehearses their products at CETEM and AIDIMA laboratories and to norms UNE (Spanish) and UNE EN (European) for applications in public spaces. Quality controlled symbol certifies these furniture that have passed various tests and recognizes that they are suitable for the use to which they are destined. The specific tests which SANCAL products undergo check durability, stability or static resistance, as well resistance and security to impacts and falls.


SANCAL is committed to the continuous improvement of a quality management system governed by rules ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the know-how of the staff and the direct supervision of manufacturing made in Spain.


SANCAL has patented the Transpirex for their upholstery of leather or synthetic leather. A technical fabric of high resistance and durability, traditionally used in the manufacture of sportswear. The main contribution of the Transpirex is its great capacity for ventilation. This makes it ideal to purify the compressed air of leather or synthetic leather pillows.


SANCAL has patented the Fiberdream for making pillows with materials of high quality and performance. It is a special Microfiber that accurately simulates the goose down. Thanks to the Fiberdream we get the comfort and feel the comfort of traditional pillows but without the disadvantages of loss of feathers or possible allergies.


SANCAL cares about the environment with its priorities, sustainable consumption and recycling.


CREVIN was founded in 1976 and is recognized as a leading company in the manufacture and development of high quality upholstery fabrics. This because it always improves the value and competitiveness of their products by investing in technology, design and creativity. Fabrics are manufactured under the ISO 14001 environmental certification and ISO 9001 quality certification, which provides many advantages: they are woven extremely wear-resistant, endure over time, washing easily machine washed at 30 ° without leaving stains and no worry about shrinking or loss of color.

 Warranty of 5 years on CREVIN fabrics

CREVIN upholstery fabrics have 5 years warranty covering both properties use and conservation. 

SUBLIN and DUO tissues are the basic tissues where SANCAL firm begins to offer its tapestries, being also a reflection of the excellent and high quality of this manufacture; its features include the following: 

- Cleaning just use a towel moistened in neutral soap and water

- Excellent results in the test of rupture and abrasion test

- Easy maintenance and ideal for families with children

- Materials are stable and have excellent touch and flexibility

Due to this excellent quality, fabrics for upholstery CREVIN and SANCAL furniture create an irresistible combination. 

When finalizing your order, our team of interiorists will facilitate a design sketch simulating your chosen position in your room with measurements and details.


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    Claire Johnson

    Feb 23, 2017
    Great Sofa
    I bought this product online with Decoasencio for our summer finca in Murcia. I must say it totally meets my expectations, the modern design, the materials, is is very comfortable in general. Easy maintenance and I consider it ideal for families with children. Try crevin and you won't be disappointed. Thank you Decoasencio for your kind support and English speaking competent staff.

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